Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

EverlastingVoice specializes in making digital recordings of your loved one’s voice directly from their cell phone voicemail or answering machine. This recording is provided to you on CD so you can hear that precious voice any time you wish.

The only information you need to provide is the phone number where the voice can be reached and the address where you’d like your CD mailed.

After we have your info, one of our technicians will place a call to the phone number you provided and create a digital recording of the voice. We will then create a CD and mail it out to you.

We are capable of saving any voice that is accessible over the phone, which includes outgoing greetings as well as messages from voicemail systems and answering machines.

We save your Loved One's voice by creating a digital recording from an answering machine or voicemail system.

How long does this take?

We will create your CD within 72 hours of receiving your information. That includes weekends and holidays. Shipping typically takes 2-3 business, so a ballpark estimate for total turnaround time would be 3 to 6 days.

You will receive your CD within 3-6 days! The MP3 is available within 72 hours.

How much does this cost?

The price is $49.99 and includes 1 CD with up to 3 different messages or greetings on it. Shipping is always free.

More messages can be included for an additional charge. Multiple CDs can also be ordered.

Full pricing details are located in the 'Order Information' section of the Online Order Form.

Price: $49.99 Includes up to 3 greetings on CD, plus digital download MP3, Free shipping.

Can deleted messages be saved?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to access deleted or greetings. If you can no longer access a message, we will not be able to access it either.

However, if you were recently affected by a voicemail system upgrade, your old messages may still be accessible for a short period of time. If you are in this situation, call your phone carrier and ask them if they can provide you with a voicemail access number or open tree number to access your old messages.

No, deleted messages cannot be saved.

Any Phone!

iPhone, Droid, or an old school flip phone. It doesn't matter what type of phone you have.

Any Carrier!

We can save greetings from ANY carrier. Including: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, & T-Mobile

Easy to Share!

In addition to a CD, we provide you with a digital download that is easy to share.

Permanently save your Loved One's Voice forever!

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you so much. My grandfather recently passed away, and having this message from him talking about me and my sister is such a special gift."

-Sarah L.

Virginia, USA

"FANTASTIC!!!! My mother passed away 3 years ago and I was reluctant to upgrade my cell phone for fear of forever losing her voicemails! Thank you so much!!!!"

-Marjorie W.

Arizona, USA

Our pricing and guarantee

Price: $49.99

  • CD with up to 3 voice recordings
  • Digital Download
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Free Shipping
Money Back Guarantee:

If for any reason you are 100% pleased with our service, simply send back your CD and we will issue you a full refund.

Still have Questions?
Call us: 888-871-5666

We have saved voice recordings for people all around the world and we can save yours too!