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Your funeral home can provide the valuable service of preserving the voice of a family’s lost loved one.

Think of how grateful families will be when you provide them this amazing service. Families truly appreciate this service and will thank you again and again for making it available to them.

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  • "I have been walking around crying all day Tuesday thinking that I truly would never hear my Mom's voice again. Thank you for saving it for me. I can't thank you enough."

    -Maureen M. | 9/26/2012

  • "This is amazing! The quality is superb, the turnaround time is faster than I ever expected!Thank you sooo much, I am so grateful for your service!"

    -Karina K. | 6/27/2011

  • "Wow. Daddy's voice again. Thank you thank you for this precious service."

    -Eralyn M. | 11/25/2012

  • "Awesome service, great job. Thank you so much. 16 seconds of voicemail will keep a lifetime of memories alive."

    -MaryJane S. | 10/7/2011

  • "OMG! Thank you, thank you so much! I can't begin to tell you how much these 3 seconds of my granddaughter's voice means to me.She passed 25 days after this voice mail was recorded."

    -Maggie H. | 5/11/2011

  • "FANTASTIC!!!! My mother passed away 3 years ago and I was reluctant to upgrade my cell phone for fear of forever losing her voicemails! Thank you so much!!!!"

    -Marjorie W. | 1/5/2012

  • "Thank you so much. My grandfather recently passed away, and having this message from him talking about me and my sister is such a special gift."

    -Sarah L. | 1/26/2012

Families Love it!

Hundreds of thankful family members have expressed their appreciation of this one-of-a-kind service.

Easy to Offer

It takes less than one minute to submit an order. It's hands-off for you as we capture the voice and deliver!

Earn 25%

As a partner of EverlastingVoice, you will receive twenty-five percent of every sale!

Service Details

How it Works

Most people have their voice recorded on an answering machine or voicemail system. Many families repeatedly listen to these recordings by calling the deceased’s phone, because it is the only recorded voice they have of their loved one. The problem is that eventually, the phone service will be shut off or the answering machine will cease to function. EverlastingVoice can preserve these precious voice recordings before that happens and store them permanently on CD.


The process is truly as simple as providing us with the phone number where the voice can be accessed. We create the digital recording and mail out a CD within 48 hours of receiving your order.


The cost to the family is $49.99. This includes a CD with up to 3 separate greetings or messages of the deceased.

The funeral home receives a 25% commission on every order!

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There truly isn't any reason not to be offering this to your families!